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The auction platform is the direct access to sell free milk to approved free milk buyers. The only requirement is that the buyer must be able to collect a minimum of 4,000 liters of milk every other day - or a larger quantity, for example every 14 days.

The milk is settled in Euros twice a week based on ongoing analyses.

In order to make the production attractive to the independent buyers and thereby ensure good sales, the auction is structured with an interactive map showing the geographical location of the milk on offer. It enables buyers to plan routes and pick-up.

For the individual auction, the offered daily and total quantity is displayed for a period of minimum 7 days and maximum 28 days. A minimum price is also indicated.

The latest quality data also shows that the buyer bids for the various auctions on the basis of geography, desired quantity and quality.

Final settlement on the basis of quantity and quality is made directly to the producer in Euros twice a week.

The direct trade between seller and buyer on makes natural demands on both parties. That is why at M2M® we have built a thorough approval procedure. It is the basis for the agreements we enter into, which of course also include our "General Terms and Conditions".

By clicking on "create user" you will be taken to a page where we need a number of necessary information. Manufacturers must also attach a copy of the active product liability insurance policy.

We endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible - and always within two working days. You are also always welcome to call us on +31 (0) 6 576 333 52 if you need further information.