Why should approval be requested - and an agreement made to follow, plan and buy milk from www.m2mauction.eu ?

The direct trade between the dairy and the buyer at www.m2mauction.eu makes natural demands for the confidentiality of all the parties. Therefore, we at M2M® have built up a comprehensive approval procedure as the basis for the agreements we conclude. This, of course, also includes our "General Terms and Conditions". 

www.m2mauction.eu is a confidential and shielded platform for approved milk farmers and buyers where information about daily and total volume, qualitative data and the actual locations is available.

What does it mean to be approved as a buyer at www.m2mauction.eu ?
A request to become a buyer implies that M2M reviews and validates the information provided in different registries. This is done in order to give the sellers the necessary security regarding the buyers' seriousness and financial strength for the desired purchases (see also General Terms and Conditions). 

What does it mean to be approved as a seller at www.m2mauction.eu ?
An application to be approved as a seller implies partly that M2M reviews and validates the information in various registers, and partly that we make a visit to the individual farm where we review the facilities, etc. We follow this procedure to provide the buyers with the necessary assurance regarding the seriousness and delivery security (see also General Terms and Conditions).

What is the volume requirement to be included?
The volume requirement is 2,000 litres of milk per day for a minimum of 7 total days (and a maximum of 28 total days), with pickup every other day on auction. The milk (the current volume) must be auctioned with a minimum of 7 days’ notice and a maximum of 8 weeks’ notice, enabling the buyers to plan their own production and thus bid/purchase and logistics.

How are the billing and payment secured?
After an auction has been won, M2M sends a "pre-invoice" to the buyer on behalf of the seller.
Once the individual delivery has been picked up, and both the data relating to the actual collected amount and the analysis results from the laboratory have been received, M2M calculates the final purchase price. M2M then emails the final itemised invoice to the buyer on behalf of the seller. This happens twice a week for immediate payment in euro. In addition, both the buyer and the seller can use the M2M system to get the overall analysis results relating to the individual pickup.