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Introduction - How do I access the auction platform?

M2M® concludes individual agreements with all dairy producers and buyers. Everyone must be approved and sign up to our "General Terms and Conditions" before accessing the platform.

As a producer, you only have to supply at least 4,000 litres of milk for collection every other day - or one big lot, for example every 14 days.

Contact us and we will come and visit you at your production site. Here we examine the conditions for participation in the auctions - our seller agreement - after which you will be sent a username and password for the auction platform.

These conditions include high standards of milk quality and animal welfare, which is a central part of our foundation.

Click here to get to user creation or call us at +31 (0) 6 576 333 52.

1. User interface - Where do I find what?

When you are logged into the system, you will see your messages and news from M2M on the overview.

On the left there is a black column with different icons. You can always click the top left corner - on the icon with the three horizontal lines - this expands the menu for the explanatory texts to the individual icons.

On the auction page you can create and view your existing auctions.

Do you have any questions? Visit our FAQ or contact us on phone +31 (0) 6 576 333 52

2. Create your sales

If you want to create an auction as a seller, simply log onto the system and click on the “auctions” page in the left menu. Here you can create your auction at the top of the page. 


Once you have created your auction, you cannot edit or delete this. If you have changes or have made a typing error that means that it is not physically possible to deliver the quantity you have requested, please contact M2M immediately.

3. Financial overview & ongoing transport

In the left menu, you can watch and follow all important data by selecting the menu item “finances”. All auctions are listed here and you can click on each auction for detailed information about the transport, invoices and quality results from the Eurofins Steins Laboratory.