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What is M2M?

www.m2mauction.eu is a trading platform for farmers, dairy processing plants to sell and buy raw milk. As a result, the demand

and supply create a market valuable price which is not determined before hand by large dairy processing plants.

The auction form is a Dutch auction where there is a high asking price, and this is lowered until a buyer accepts the price, or it reaches a predetermined reserve price.

First Auction!
The first and only auction website for milk. Direct sale from farmer to dairy processing plant. The ability to create a stronger and more transparent market for producers and consumers. 

If you are a dairy farmer or a dairy processing plant, SIGNUP TODAY!

Signup now https://www.m2mauction.eu/en/create-user

Benefits for consumer and producer:

  • Consumer; what they receive, where it originates from and how.
  • Producer; need to profit from a more transparent price through market strengths, demand, supply and less monopoly.

How does it work?

How do I buy?
As an approved and registered buyer atwww.m2mauction.eu, you can plan your future participation in auctions and create favorites, which the system automatically informs you of before the auction is launched. You can view and plan the future auctions you want to bid in through the overview and filter feature.

How do I sell?
As an approved and registered seller, you can create an auction by logging into the system and clicking on the “auctions” page in the left menu. Here you can create your auction at the top of the page.

How do I collect?
As a buyer, you are responsible for collection with an approved tanker with a calibrated and sealed gauge and sampling for the standard sample glass, you will need a print-out of the tank quantity, which will need to be forwarded to the seller.

During tanking, samples are taken for analysis.

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the samples taken are received at the Laboratory in the correct cooled state, so that analysis is possible.

The collection and transport is carried out after invoicing.

How do I pay?
As a buyer, you will receive a pre-invoice for your total estimated purchase after a successful auction.

As soon as we at M2M have received the actual collected amount and the analysis data from the Laboratory, we calculate the final price and send, on the seller's behalf, the final specified invoice in euro to the buyer, and a copy to the seller.

The buyer pays the invoice by bank transfer (immediate payment).